End of Life UPS Capacitor Replacement Service

UPS systems use large capacitor banks. These capacitor banks are made up of both DC electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors. AC polymeric film and DC electrolytic capacitors both degrade under field operating conditions. The field aging of the capacitor is a slow process which takes place over years but eventually the field aging leads to a capacitor failure unless the capacitors are periodically replaced. A capacitor failure could result in a shutdown of the UPS module and a transfer to the bypass source, leaving the mission critical load subject to a power disturbance or outage.

Maximize the uptime of your UPS with the replacement of the AC/DC capacitors when they’re at or near the end of their service life. AC and DC capacitors have a typical service life of 6 years.

Capacitor replacement on older UPS’s is crucial to the safe and reliable operation of your system. Contact us today for an inspection and evaluation of your UPS. We can be reached by phone at 770-928-0260 or contact us online for a free quote.